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This exhibit includes photos of Ford factories, advertisements and other material related to a ...
Artifacts from the 1980s
A report highlighting key facts regarding Henry Ford for Mrs. Ogata's 3rd Grade Class Famous Pe...
We should be thankful for what all Rosa Parks has provided for us.Because if it wasn't for her ...
My exhibit will display the workers and life in the early industry era.
America since its beginning has always struggled with immigrants. There have been very negativ...
Americans get around in any way they can.
This exhibit will show how animals helped shape the story of America.
The Assembly Line- Invented in 1908 By Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company
The Assembly Line- Invented in 1908 by Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company
Documentation assemble plant new Orleans
Various poster of Automobiles from the past and present.
Collection of historical items I find interesting
This exhibit will attempt to educate people on Braille and its uses from the time of its invent...
Here is an exhibit about cars during the innovation peroid.
Cars during the innovation period
This is an exhibit of various cars from the innovation era.
The overview of my exhibit,Has to do with model cars that Henry Ford had created. There are car...
My exibit is about a peacful drive for cars.
Henry Ford had a large impact on the automotive industry. He created the Model T and made cars ...
This is an exhibit of the different styles of cars over the years! It starts from the beginning...
In 1672 the first car was built. It did not go more than 30 miles per hour. It was amazing tech...
A visual demonstration of what happens when momentum is too much for centripetal force.
Deanna Lawson
This is Gabby Littleton's exhibit on the Civil Rights Movement. I chose to do my exhibit on the...
some of the first comics and shows in the 1920s
cars and trucks and more
The Henry Ford's collections are full of stories of crime. In this digital exhibit, see how cri...
How do cultural attitudes affect day-to-day life, both intentionally and unintentionally?
The history of motorcylces
I want people to learn about US histoy and cars in my exhibit.
the one of the fastest cars
This exhibit previews appliances of the 1950s.
welcome to the henry ford museum of cars. your tour guid will be with you soon.HAVE FUN!
welcome to the museum of radio history! hope you like it have fun!
Henry Ford invented the assembly line in 1908. He wanted a way to make cars cheaper, faster, an...
My Driving America Exhibit
Lots of cars and chrome.
Ellen's World is an exhibition of objects selected by Ellen Sprouls from the collection of the ...
The 2013 show of the year!
This will be an exhibit about paintings and furniture.
With images compiled from the Henry Ford website, we will show some of the innovations in farmi...
This is an exhibit based on the lessons I learned in the Science, Life Skills and Innovations i...
This exhibit illustrates how the advertisements from the Ford Motor Company illustrate changing...
A set/exhibit of some Ford Racing Cars
I am a determinate furniture hoarder. There is nothing I love more then collecting furniture, ...
hope you have a interesting time!!!!!!!!!!!!
This exhibit includes artifacts from the Gilded Ages in Detroit Michigan.
Varrious cars you may see on this exhibit. Most of the cars range from the creations years of 1...
Cars on a exhibition through time
Cars on an exibiton though time
A view of time though cars
hello and welcome to the Henry Ford museum. the text shown in the slides shall display informat...
Henry Ford's vehicles
Henry Ford's life.
Who was Henry Ford? Why did he do what he did with his life?
Facts about Henry Ford And The Model T
Primary and secondary sources of Henry Ford's life, the Model T, and the moving assembly line.
My exhibit is a display of some enry ford cars!
My exhibit is a car show that will show you the magnificent cars made by Henry Ford company!
Henry Ford car exhibit.
Henry Ford Vehicles
The highway system was a major innovation for American automobile drivers. It allowed car drive...
Henry Ford and the moving assembly line how it was a turning point in History
Henry Ford and the moving assembly and how it was a turning point in history.
I have to do this for a report in school so here u go :)
INSIGHT INTO INNOVATION: Historic inventions from the nineteenth century revolutionized, not on...
I think I did a good job and that's why I'm going to share it with you guys!
Collection of scratch built automobile models.
- Welcome, this is Kella's Exhibit , please enjoy =)
This exhibit is dedicated to the memory John F. Kennedy
LIFE SKILLS AND AUTO RACING Learn how skills required for success in automobile racing are also...
Henry Ford's Model-T revolutionized the auto industry was the first affordable car.
Henry's ford vehicles
things real men like
the tools men have used over the centuries
Information that builds up you.r knowledge such as, artifacts
At the turn of the 20th century, Henry Ford wanted to change the automobile, which was then an ...
Why hello there! I see that you have come across my exhibit! You can come and go as you please ...
What is the impact of the Model T - then and now? What impact has the automobile had on Amer...
More about cars how they are built and what year they was built
This is an exhibit about motion.
Just playing around with this
happy times lol
In this exhibit you will examine some of the most esthetically pleasing, best designed, and bes...
My exhibit is about the long road of the old fashion cars.
My exhibit is about the long road of cars
History comes to life as you experience the day in the life of a student in a one room school h...
Images for Car Preschool History Hunter Project
How do presidents get elected? How do they maintain their image? What does the public see? Wh...
you will learn about history that make our world what it is today
This Exhibit will feature many different types of race cars from the 90's, wil show you many fe...
The race car exhibit will feature the race cars from the 90's and will feature many different a...
this is the overview
TRANSPORTATION HISTORY Transportation affects almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Tou...
The iconic objects of The Henry Ford presented in virtual space
Produced in the East Detroit area in the 1950's & 1960's and marketed to financial institutions...
My exhibit is about the benifit steamboats.
science, technology, engineering, and math
This exhibit is about...
it explains how cultural attitudes affect day to day life both intentionally and unitntentional...
These are the cars of the 20th century
The Airplane benifited people because they could ship goods, and people over sea.
The most spactacular car you will ever see. Very admirable and perfect!
The Courage In Change exhibit explores the changes over the years in transportation, technology...
The greatest exhibit of all time. Seriously.
This exhibit is about the airplanes of the 1930's.
The Ford Motor Company
THE FORD V8 and RACING: Discover how this innovative engine impacted the racing world.
Welcome to the Great Airplane Museum! Here you will find out about how the airplane cut down tr...
This is an Exhibit that has the most interesting stuff in it.
The Internal Combustion Engine was one of the inventions Industrial Revolution. Its creation h...
creation, and impact of the model T in history.
You will see old tractor that helped build Homes and buildings
This exhibit explores the visual images and advertisement that show how the Ford automobile was...
A collection of riveting pieces from the glorious Workshop of Henry Ford.
SOOO COOL AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This exhibit is examples of toys and games that were played with during the Henry Ford Era.
School assignment social studies class industrial revolution
This exhibit is going to take on adventure of history over the creation, benefits and other nea...
Presented are various examples of cars, trucks and even a bicycle from throughout the twentieth...
many different themes from different times in history
My invention is the Typewriter. The Typewriter was very useful. It was so much easier writing l...
Check out these odd and unique vehicles that we would never see nowadays!
The Wright Brothers were men that were mostly self made innovators. They never received their h...
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